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Second in the Roman Godess series, Ceres is a next-gen slurper with suppression intakes at the upper part of the column.


The design and build are much more difficult, but we have an immensely well refined nail.  Near perfect airflow, phenomenal spash resistance and heat retention.


16x20 upper rim

9x15x38 column - note that up to 8mm diameter accessories are suitable if 20mm or less tall (the upper intakes prevent the launch you'd otherwise see)


(5 reviews) Write a Review

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    It’s not bad.

    Posted by Isaac on Nov 5th 2022

    With all of my regular shaped slurpers I suck oil down the neck. With that said I do not at all have that problem with this one. Even tho that is true for me, I think that this Quartz is a bit too “airy”. This one slurper in particular has less drag than any other Quartz I have, Victory or not. I do love that it has extra intakes to keep the oil down, but I’m not really a fan on how much airflow is in it. I feel like my Rosin is a bit more harsh because of it. At the end of the day this is just my preference and everyone is different. Also I wouldn’t use a 10mm Pearl for the top as a valve. It makes the rotation of oil less noticeable if that makes sense? So if you’re taking a vid you’ll notice this compared to having no valve. I still use pearls in the intake column tho. Not a bad nail by any means, just not my preference.

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    The Ceres

    Posted by Drew on Oct 27th 2022

    Hands down the highest quality piece I've ever had, the fit and finish are top notch. The function is absolutely killer. It's just the right size and rips like a champ! Kudos to victory for how well rounded this piece is.

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    Posted by Susan on Oct 24th 2022

    Wow! My new favorite banger! I’m a fan of Toro and Quave bangers, but Victory Quartz is getting all my money these days. This is an amazing quality banger, let alone for an import. The quality and innovation for the price truly can’t be beat. Period. I’ve bought several blenders and other designs, no complaints ever, but this Ceres knocked my socks off. I stay away from long neck bangers cuz heat retention usually sucks, but not here! Glad I didn’t go extra hot. The design on this one, with the vents up top, pure genius. p.s. I’m not an employee nor did I receive compensation for this review. Just a great effing banger.

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    Posted by Jose on Oct 17th 2022

    My go-to for my fat globs. Heat retention unmatched! Victory all the way!!

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    Ceres preorder

    Posted by Noah Miller on Jun 29th 2022

    The deal I got for everything I received was fantastic and worth the wait for the pre-order, this banger is really fantastic, it is very thick and retains heat really well and has perfect airflow