Collector's Bundle - Pukinbeagle Mini Venus

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Product Overview

For the first time ever, our nail paired to its original inspiration!

This bundle includes:

  • Original Mini Venus made by Pukinbeagle
  • Victory Glassworks Venus
  • 2x 16mm Optech™ Quartz Sphere Top
  • 1x Optech™ Quartz 5x40mm Pillar
  • 5, 6, 8mm Optech™ Quartz Sphere Pearls
  • 2x 6mm Optech™ Quartz Egg
  • OG Dome Nail by Pukinbeagle (preloading pillar)

Venus is one of our best nails and became a fast favorite. Mass and energy are concentrated in the bulge with powerful and even rotational energy.  

Venus Measurement  VGW Venus  Mini Venus made by Pukinbeagle
Top OD:  20mm  18mm
Low ID:  7.5mm  7mm
Bulb ID:  ~16mm  ~15mm
Wall:  2.5mm  2.5mm
Height:  70mm  80mm
Weight:  ~ 29g  ~24g
Accessory Fit:  up to 8mm OD x 30mm Tall


(No reviews yet) Write a Review