D-Nail Universal Heater - Special Bundle Edition

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Product Overview

[Pasted from D-Nail 10/21/2023]

Final product name TBD.  See delivery date in product selection.

*Standard vs XL.  Standard size will fit almost every nail with exceptions for the widest and tallest.  XL is 50mm wide inside vs 42mm, and the XL is 20mm taller.  The standard will heat up faster and have better overall performance for most products, whereas the XL will accoommdate the few models that do not fit the standard.*

This is our favorite new product of 2023, and we haven't used a torch at home since we turned the final prototype on.  While some details are still being released (the final mounting assembly is being made now), here are key notes:

-This is a D-Nail plugin.  It is a 400w device compatible with any of our controllers and most cross compatible models.  For a non D-Nail controller, please confirm with the manufacturer.

-The heated area is mounted to an adjustable lift, and most rig/nail configurations will work.

-Minimum height from table to lowest part of heated area: 2.5".

-Total height ~4.5" (can be raised 6"+)

-It is silent barring the occaisonal tink of thermal expansion.

-We decided a 42mm ID for this version - a small handful of designs will not fit it, but the rest will heat better.

-It is *not* a heat gun.

-Primary components are high grade 310S steel and laboratory grade high density ceramic insulation.

-Heatup time is as low as under 1 minute depending on configuration and settings.  Expect approximately 2 minutes for most situations, as long as 5 with everything cold to start.  We keep ours running around 800 with a piece in it, and it's been pretty much pick up and go.  It's sort of self-cleaning at that temperature, but we're not ready to advocate that yet.

-The waste heat versus other torchless devices is negligible.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review