Quality Rating, Cosmetic Flaws, and Second Quality

Not all quartz nails are created equal, and no nail is truly perfect. All Victory Glassworks quartz products undergo a quality control process that ends with assigning each individual nail a "Quality Rating" based on both how well it performs and how good it looks aesthetically. The potential quality scores are:

Platinum - Platinum quality nails are few and far between. They meet or exceed our functional standards while also exceeding our visual standards. In other words, they work perfectly and are as crystal clear and beautiful as they come. Platinum-quality nails are often only available in special bundles or other promotions due to their highly limited supply. Platinum quality nails are for people who want the best of the best and are willing to pay a slight premium to get it.

Gold - Gold quality nails meet all of our standards for both function and aesthetics. These are our "standard", "first quality" nails. A Gold-quality nail will function perfectly while also looking great. "Great" may not always be "perfect" (that's why Platinum exists!) and very minor visual irregularities may be present even in Gold class, such as imperfectly clear quartz (barely detectable wavy or cloudy sections) or slight logo engraving/blasting errors. Gold quality nails are our standard offering and are always a great choice for anyone.

Silver - (formerly Cosmetic Flaws) - Silver quality nails meet our functional standards but fall short of our aesthetic standards. In other words, they function perfectly but look noticeably imperfect. Some typical cosmetic flaws you might see on Silver-quality nails are bubbles, specks, tool marks, or minor misalignment of parts (in a way that does not reduce nail function.) Because Silver quality nails are still fully functional, they offer especially great value for cost, especially if you aren't picky about minor visual details.

Bronze - (formerly Second Quality) - Bronze quality nails are the lowest grade of nail we are still willing to sell. They work, but have some imperfection(s) that may prevent them from working quite as well as a higher quality nail. Examples of these flaws include imperfect welds, angle or alignment issues, and the like, in addition to any of the possible cosmetic flaws mentioned earlier. Bronze-quality nails are a great choice if you're looking to get the lowest possible price on a nail and aren't that picky about what you get so long as it works.

While Platinum, Gold, and Silver quality nails are options on individual product listings, all Bronze quality nails are all available in this product listing instead.

Quartz Care

Its not suggested. Propane gets far hotter than butane and can quickly heat your quartz to temperatures causing permanent damage. For most applications butane torches are ideal.

When using your butane torch to heat your Blender (using a Standard Blazer, for reference) torch the dish for 30 seconds, followed by another 30 seconds on the walls. Aiming up and away from the dish will give you fully heated walls and a slightly cooler dish, which is ideal for this style of nail.

After each dab, apply approximately 1ml of isopropyl to hot nail and use a cotton swab to wipe clean.

Once in awhile, a deep cleaning is needed. Soaking your nail in quartz cleaner, per the directions on the bottle, and a bit of a scrub and rinse takes care of 99% of anything.

For the remaining 1%, torch with the tip of your flame, keeping the flame moving. Never let the flame sit in one spot, always keep it moving on the quartz. Once the residue begins to disappear or change color to red, back off the torch, and let the residual heat slowly burn the excess carbon. The key is in keeping the flame moving. The less you have to torch off, the better, as it does carry the potential for damage if done incorrectly.

Never, under any circumstances, submerge a hot nail into isopropyl or quartz cleaner.

Tilt your nail sideways so that your accessory can be carefully inserted into the nail, then slowly tilt the nail back to its upright position allowing the accessory to gently slide to the bottom of the nail. Never load the accessory while the nail is in the upright position as the force upon impact applied to the bottom dish can cause stress cracks and will result in breakage over time.


If an item breaks due to manufacturer error/defect within two weeks or purchase, please send photos and a written explanation to customer service via our Contact Us form. Be sure to include your order number. We will replace your item if it is still in stock or provide store credit equal to the purchase price.

Note: BETA nails excluded, see below

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