G5 20mm Hybrid - July Pre Order

Victory Glassworks

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Expected release date is Jul 15th 2024

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Product Overview

Our original 'Hybrid' was the original - back when it meant hybridizing a slurper and a blender!  Now, the style is one of the most widespread under a myriad of different names.  We are still calling ours 'hybrid' - and this 20mm G5 is the next step in this path.

Featuring the same 14x20x70mm body, the G5 20mm Hybrid is only a minor procedural overhaul and an engine alteration for increased torque.

The steps forward in design are smaller and smaller as we go, but the nuances in performance have grown to matter all the same.  Since we revolutionized functional expectations in 2021, you've grown with us.  There's still plenty left to do.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review