Dab Tools (Crescent Spatula, Spork, Globfather Tribute)

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$59.00 - $99.00

Product Overview

Die Cast 316L stainless, mirror polished, anodized tip.

Threading is UNC 10-24, compatible with Happy Daddy, D-Nail, and most major brands.


Crescent Spatula - Designed specifically to be used pressed against the column, this curved spatula allows for a more streamlined process of getting oil *off* of the tool.

Spork - It's a pretty darn good spork.

The Globfather (tribute) - The original Globfather was our favorite tool for a long long time, and with Happy Daddy gone, there was only one answer.  Design a tribute.  Modernized slightly, the tip is a more functional spatula and the overall design streamlined and stylized.  Overall, if you need a scoop, this is the one.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review