K10 (Thermal Slurper) - Official Licensed Pukinbeagle Tribute

Victory Glassworks

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Product Overview

The first officially licensed tribute nail ever.  Proceeds from each sale go directly to PB in royalities.

The K9 Thermal was perhaps the most iconic Pukinbeagle design ever, and we are proud to be working with him to bring the newest chapter in that story to a broader market.


Key measurements:

Top: 26x30mm, secondary cylinder 16x20mm, with ~10.5mm clearance.  Marble 27mm + or flat/curved cap required.

~35mm Dish

Column: 12x18mm at the bottom, flared to 16x22mm upper column.  Lower portion ~35mm, total working height 57mm.

Total Height: 68mm

Width from joint to dish: ~50mm clearance (with 14mm joint)




(No reviews yet) Write a Review