Sweeps™ Cotton Swabs for Blenders and Slurpers

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Product Overview

Sweeps are a new, refreshing take on cotton swabs for cleaning nails.

Designed with an extra long tip to quickly clean your Banger, Blender, Valorian or other Slurper-style nails.

Sweeps have more than 5 times the cotton of a standard cotton swab, making them more absorbent and reusable several times over.

Simply use with your favorite quartz cleaner between dabs, such as isopropyl alcohol or DC Glass Cleaner-a few drops and a simple sweep is all it takes! The highly absorbent cotton allows for multiple cleanings. In our own testing we've used one swab as many as 10 times.

Pick up a pack today and let us know how you like them!

We offer both small and large to best fit your personal nail.

Small – 30mm x 6mm diameter cotton, 4.75” (120mm) length

Large – 40mm x 8.5mm diameter cotton, 6” (152mm) length


(No reviews yet) Write a Review